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BRIG Inflatable Boats

BRIG – Australia’s favourite brand of rigid inflatable boats.



BRIG Boats are Australia’s favourite brand of inflatable boats.

In the competitive European market, the fact that Brig inflatable boats are the market leaders speaks volumes about Brig’s quality and innovation. In fact, across Europe, rigid inflatable boats outsell every other type of runabout or tender. So what gives Brig the edge? Brig doesn’t wait for changes to happen.


Williams Inflatable Tenders – Enter the Jet Age.


Sirocco proudly distributes the Williams Jet Tender range from the UK.

No inflatable boat performs quite like a Williams jet tender. Powered by engines including German made Webber turbocharged engines, even the larger Williams models can accelerate from standstill to 40 knots in a matter of seconds.



Across land and sea, nothing can keep up with Sealegs.

Make the most of your time on the water with Sealegs technology. Your boat transitions from land to water with one touch, allowing you to seize every opportunity.


Sirocco Tenders, the affordable inflatable boats are here.


Here are the Sirocco inflatable boats that fit right into your lifestyle and your budget.

Sirocco inflatable boats come in several easy going formats. The convenient air-deck ‘boat in a bag’ can be easily stowed in the boot then pumped up at your destination for a fast getaway.

Introducing Ben Luker.

His previous work experience includes managing talent worldwide, spending two years in Singapore working in the advertising industry and launching his own advertising and events company.

In this time, Ben created an international network with clients including Singapore Airlines, Escada, RAC, Samsung Global, and Princess Yachts.

Ben understands luxury brands on an international level. He brings a fresh approach to sales, engaging both existing and future clients with full service offerings and attention to detail.

Out of the office, Ben can be found fishing in the deep seas or dabbling in photography.

Contact Ben:

Mobile: 0457654754

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